Lahore - Pakistan

Call For Papers

Theme of the IJC 2017 is:     MEDIA and SOCIETY - Future and Beyond

Topics of the conference papers include, but are not limited to:

  MEDIA and Psychology
  MEDIA: Democracy and Human Rights
  MEDIA and Globalization
  Communication Policy and Regulations
  MEDIA: Terrorism and Policy
  Media Literacy and Modernization Effects
  MEDIA: Law and Human Rights
  MEDIA: Climate Change and Environment
  MEDIA: Crime and Public Security
  MEDIA: Technology, Cyber-crime and Law
  MEDIA: Civil Military Relationship
  MEDIA: CPEC and Sustainable Development
   Social Media and Media Movements
   MEDIA Industry, Trends, Dynamics and Future
    MEDIA: Democracy and Civil Rights               
 Poverty, Conflict, Empowerment and Democracy
  MEDIA: Politics and Cultural Conflicts
  MEDIA: Communication and Disaster Management



















Note:        Abstracts may not exceed 200 words and must follow the format described under "Submit Paper" section.

                All abstracts and papers will be reviewed by the Academic Review Committee of the conference.

                Approved conference papers will be published after double-blind review in HEC certified journal.